My intention is to have blog conversations to inform us so that we can translate today’s prevailing economic, political and religious jargon into clear, understandable English. We can then understand how the forces of power, influence and manipulation are impacting us. I hope to create an informed community in which to think critically, make good decisions and act to affect the future.


Most people do not know what this means until they have been suddenly fired from a job.

It means that you can be fired without Cause and with no Due Process. Any unscrupulous person can get rid of you at your place of employment for no reason. You would not have a chance to find out if there were mistakes made, misunderstandings, partial emails used against you or how your competitors used their hidden agendas.

This happens if you do not have tenure in higher education or a contract with your employer.

It is a major tool that is used to subdue and manipulate employees. Since most of us need a paycheck to survive, it subdues entire populations. see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At-will_employment

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