As we have the courage to embrace shame, we heal.

In the past, the truth about things has frightened people. Because we are communicating through web media and able to support each other, we know that what we thought was only our condition is often universal. This helps us embrace and heal our situations considered to be shameful. As we embrace these situations as learning experiences, we are able to heal our feelings of shame. This takes a huge weapon out of the hands of people who have agendas to do harm to us, usually for their own gain.

healing shame – John Bradshaw, Alice Miller http://www.alice-miller.com/index_en.php


new consciousness – pleasure principle rather than pain avoidance reframing, gradually expanding comfort zone like Olympic athelete training, experience & 10,000 practice hours BOUNCE, Mathew  Syed

corporations competing to help – green advertising & donations, should be encouraged to support those who are working for the public good like educators

  1. admin says:

    There is a terrific paper explaining the psychological dynamics of Terrorism that could help with intelligent, empathic solutions.

    see http://www.joanlachkarphd.com/Psychopathology_Terrorism.pdf

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