Knowledge is power:

1. We learn to avoid change by fearing and avoiding pain rather than pursuing what we love through pleasure motivation because of early childhood training and religious indoctrination that omits spirituality. Some Banks, Politicians and those who support US Immigration and other inhumane rules are benefitting from this human condition.

2. The only real security we have is in people of good strong character and integrity – aka – those who cannot be had…Frank Abignale, Jr., of CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, is currently a consultant and lecturer at the academy and field offices for the FBI. He also runs Abagnale & Associates a financial and fraud consultancy company. As a successful teenage con artist he understood what motivates people without having any empathy. As a confidence expert he says that every time he passes through airport security he sees the flaw in the system. He can see how he could get to the person behind the screen. Frank knows that the only real security we have is in people of good strong character and integrity – aka – those who cannot be had…

3. We need communities of people with authentic identities who feel good, doing good for real – not as cons, communicating to solve today’s problems.

4. A con presents easy solutions with easy, no work, instant gratification promises. Cons are very savvy about peoples’ desires without any feeling emotion. 1 in 25 ordinary Americans has no conscience and can do anything without feeling guilty. – Martha Stout, THE SOCIOPATH NEXT DOOR

5. A do good/feel good philosophy presents the possibility of future gain for all concerned through pleasure based communication, discipline and work.

6. Finding your Authentic Identity is Powerful. You can’t except another person to do it for you.



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